Online Membership Application

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APPLICATION PROCESS: The application process typically takes about 3 months. 1. Complete an application online at, with a recent photo. 2. The completed application will be read at the next monthly department meeting and posted with photo for ten days. 3. After the application is read at the monthly meeting, the applicant will be contacted by a member of the investigating committee to set up an interview discussing requirements, obligations, and questions. 4. The applicant will sign a “authorization for release of information” to conduct a background check. 5. After an interview with the applicant, the investigating committee will review their findings and present the report to the membership at the next department meeting where the membership will vote on acceptance. 6. The applicant is notified of membership vote. If found favorable, the applicant will be advised of physical exam procedure, and if the exam is favorable, will be notified of when/where to appear for induction into the Kenmore Volunteer Fire Department. tel:716-875-3274 16 Nash Road Kenmore, NY 14217